View Full Version : NaNo Update Part Two Plus

Delilah Rehm
11-12-2007, 12:11 PM
Things are looking up for vampire Anna Larkin. A ship has come! But who are these would be rescuers, and what will be the price of getting off this in-the-middle-of-no-where jungle planet? Sheís about to find out as I enter into Part Two of the novel. I didnít plan for it to coincide with NaNo update part two, but there you go! I shouldnít get to Part Three of the novel until update four. Iíve planned for updates every five days in November. To finish the book, Iíll need to keep writing after Nano, all the way to December 20th. Then I plan to fully collapse and veg, like an empty tube of toothpaste.

Day One 2021 (+2021)
Day Two 4101 (+2080)
Day Three 6144 (+2064)
Day Four 8243 (+2179)
Day Five 10,323 (+2080)
Day Six 12,654 (+2331)
Day Seven 14,669 (+2015)
Day Eight 15,453 (+784)
Day Nine 15,453 (+0)
Day Ten 18,060 (+2607)
(Day Eleven 20,550 (+2490)) Day 11 is part of update 3.

20,550 / 50,000 = 41.1%