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02-19-2013, 04:52 PM
You could give the different factions in each sector more flavor by giving them visible motives and concrete goals towards fulfilling them. Motives could include 1-3 of the following, with different priorities:

Destroy Race X
Alliance with Race Y

Each race would prioritize colonizing or destroying certain planets based on their motives, distance to that planet, and the system's danger level, then build a series of goals leading up to colonizing/destroying that planet. A standard series of goals would look like:

Build up Neighboring System
Destroy Boss Y threatening Target System
Colonize Planet X in Target System

Players could learn about a race's motives by talking with their planets, such as:

"The brass really want to capture Planet X for its mineral stores."
"We're trying to clear Boss Z out of System Y so we can colonize Planet X."

The Drakk is this sector have 2 goals:

Destroy the Hive (highest priority)
Mine Minerals (2nd-highest priority)

There are 3 planets equal distance from their planets:

Durk: A mineral-rich Hive world.
Spaz: A regular Hive world.
Glut: A mineral-rich uncolonized world.

According to their priorities, the Drakk will focus on these actions in order:

Destroy Durk.
Destroy Spaz.
Colonize Durk.
Colonize Glut.
Colonize Spaz.

More planets are added to the list as the Drakk expand, and the player sells them data about new mineral-rich planets.