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06-13-2010, 11:01 PM
Greetings again everyone : )

So I'm still working on making the three specialty hybrid work perfectly (right now, I can have 3 but I have to specify the third in the classes file... if I change it for a new 3-specialty character, my old one changes too lol)

so here's what I thought I'd do:

1.) remove the animated character from the newcharacter menu...
2.) add 18 new buttons in a 3 columns 6 rows box... (1 for each specialty)
3.) create 18 new "hybrid_x" classes that each are tied to one of the buttons, and that each have a different 3rd specialty...

this would enable a person to click any of those buttons then they'd get the usual hybrid choice for skilltree 1 and 2 and the third will be set to whichever hybrid class they chose : )

got the buttons up there no problem, and removed a "setclass" line from the "pickskilltree" submenu that was redundant for the hybrid class and kept switching the characters class back to the generic hybrid one every time you selected 1 of the specialties lol

where I start to run into problems is when you go to click "random name"... it doesn't work for any custom classes!

so I type in one manually, and click "ok" to finish and go into the world creation menu, and get a "not a valid class" error : (

I thought maybe I'd messed up, so I tried 2 different things (seperately then together too):

1.) I removed the "verifyProc verifyClass" line from the ok button... this enabled me to get to the world creation menu, but clicking ok there makes the screen blank with the music going constantly, but the game doesn't go into "not responding" status....

2.) to make things as simple as possible, I copied the "ClassWarrior" section in classes and pasted it immediately below itself then changed the 2nd ones name to "ClassWarrior2".... I then made the "ClassWarrior" selection button in NewCharacter.mnu select ClassWarrior2 instead (which is identical in every way to ClassWarrior), and I get the same issues : (

3.) Oh yeah, I also tried all the above steps multiple times with the "OfficialClass" line set either 1 or 0.... still no change : (

so can anyone answer the following questions...
1.) is it possible to add more classes?
2.) if yes, where am I going wrong lol? : )

thank you to anyone taking the time to read this and help me out : )

06-17-2010, 07:56 PM
has anyone managed to add any extra classes?

06-17-2010, 10:21 PM
The_Dajaw played heavily with the classes with his Deeper Din's mod. The difficulty is extreme compared to regular Din's Curse, but the stuff he did with the classes was quite interesting. You might want to check out what he did with that. Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

06-18-2010, 02:52 AM
Thank you so much TheRani for pointing me at his mod! : )

I'd ran across it when I first started, but just briefly glanced at the description and thought it was just a retooling of the original 6 classes lol : )

I downloaded it and looked at what was different between his and my approach.... discovered that I hadn't added the male/female entries for the new classes : )

just adding those made it work like a charm. : )

So thanks again!

06-19-2010, 01:42 AM
calienon please upload this Mod.
I want too.
thanks in advance.

06-19-2010, 02:16 AM
alright Denim : )

I've always used my mods for myself and lan games in the past, so not too sure on the best place to upload.... went ahead and joined rapidshare and uploaded it to there


a bit of an explanation on how it works.... click one of the 18 buttons arrayed to the right of the 6 base classes (each button is named for 1 of the 3 skilltrees of the class they're beside).... then the hybrid selection buttons will come up, and you can select the other 2 or use random for them... the "specialty 3: selected" line is just tellying you that the 3rd tree will be whichever you've clicked the button for : )

also, I included my tiny little mod that makes deleting characters a bit less of a pain in the ass... DON"T CLICK DELETE UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO! lol : ) when I was creating a ton of characters to test things out I got tired of typing "delete" a million times : )