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06-14-2010, 01:07 PM
Okay so i wanted to try adding some skills to my warrior. Simple enough i can get it in and all. But i cannot figure out how you arrange the skills. How does the game perceive that list and display it? What does a new line mean etc? also if i add a priests skill to a warrior will it take faith or stamina? o.O

06-14-2010, 01:14 PM
on further experimentation i noticed that skills disappear if i add new skills. is that hard coded? Is there already a thread about this that i may have missed somewhere?

Scrape the first question i figured out they appear line by line based on the base skill points.

And I also want to know about Aura Skills. I mean can i make my skills a passive aura instead of just a passive. I'm pretty sure its possible with the totems I'm just not sure how to go about it and which files I would probably need to change. It's kinda confusing.

06-16-2010, 03:23 PM
You already figured it out but for other people the skills show up where they do based on the skill points required for the first skill level (BaseCost).

The number of skills per tree is hardcoded but you should be able to make new skills to replace old ones.

I think you can do auras. Your skill will have to have a StatusEffect. This is the aura effect that is on your character. It will have to be something similar to EnhancementFireAura in monsterEnhancements.gdb

If it is an offensive aura you will want to add the line
AuraOffensive 1

Then you need a 2nd status effect that is the one that actually gets placed on the victim (or friend).

06-20-2010, 11:18 AM
ok so i take it that i have to put

Base EnchantmentWeapons1

Name "Minor Weapon Efficiency (from aura)"

EffectType OnlyOne
GroupName FireEnchantment

Forever 1
into StatusEffects.gdb

or do i need the total time thing?

Base BaseMonsterEnhancement

Name "Minor Weapon Efficiency"

TextureName TextureName Textures/Icons/Skills/armsMastery.tga

StatChangeAttack 10.0
StatMultMinDamage 0.04
StatMultMaxDamage 0.04

EnhancementType Minor

OnHitEffectModelName Models/Effects/fireExplosion.mdl

Where would i put this though?

and also this in the skills.gdb?

Base EnhancementBaseAura

Name "Weapons Efficiency Aura"

TextureName Textures/Icons/MonsterEnhancements/fireAura01.tga

AuraStatusEffect StatusEffectWeaponEnchantment

BaseOnly 1

this one too

Base BaseMonsterEnhancement

TickTime 2.0
RandomizeTickTime 0.1

Aura 1
AuraDistance 500.0

BaseOnly 1

And what would i do with this?\
Type MonsterEnhancement
SpawnChance 1.0

BaseOnly 1

MagicRequirement None

Public 1
Forever 1
EffectType OnlyOneExact

StatusType Normal
RemoveOnEvent None

EnhancementType Minor

MinLevel 1
MaxLevel 150

/* DamageMultPhysical 1.0
DamageMultFire 1.0
DamageMultCold 1.0
DamageMultPoison 1.0
DamageMultLightning 1.0
DamageMultMagic 1.0 */

DamageType Physical

NpcOnly 0

Alpha 1.0

EffectTime 5.0

07-07-2010, 02:44 PM
You would want the TotalTime stuff in StatusEffectWeaponEnchantment. That is what makes the effect go away when something gets too far away from what is giving off the aura.

In general EnhancementBaseAura and BaseMonsterEnhancement are already there so you shouldn't need to include them again.

Usually it doesn't matter where you put things. Every once in a while something that you refer to needs to be read in first though.