View Full Version : Enemy Race ships.. Way to overpowered defense wise..

02-23-2013, 08:30 PM
Ok the reason I say this is, I debuffed a lv 43 enemy race ship, with 3 stacks of computer virus and a em wave, which lowered its attack and defense by about 2000-2500 total, yet it was still able to hit me EVERY SINGLE SHOT, and still had about an 80% dodge rate. How is this possible? Is defense/attack debuffs just not working on them? Not to mention once I finally get to their structure, I do like 30% of my normal damage. They just take far to long to kill. I use a shockwave pulsar which does a total of 1100-1600 damage, yet by the time its done it hits them for maybe 450 total. Now I know when you hit the structure, some of the damage goes to the componnents, but how much? I mean it shouldn't be enough to lower my damage by 70%, I also have the mob targeted, so I can see it has no buffs casted on it. When a enemy ship hits my structure I do not suddendly get 70% damage reduction, it still does normal damage to me.

These issues are with the normal non-diplomat/colony ships, god help me if its an elite guard, then it takes like 5-10 mins to finally kill it.

Weapons I use are: a 110 dps Ballistic weapon(dps display says over 210 dps), a Shockwave pulsar with a damage of 1100-1600, and a EM wave, which doesn't do much damage its more for mass aoe debuffing. I swap the computer virus weapon in and out as I need it.

Any idea what is going on here? Because debuffing their attack/defense by 2000-2500 should pretty much render them helpless, other than the fact structure takes much to long to whittle down.