View Full Version : Some balancing may need to be done to shadow in 1.004.

02-26-2013, 10:17 PM
Alright, I've notice that every single time shadow has shown up in a sector, they just seem to dominate everyone, it usually always ends up like this. This is near the start of the sector but it usually stays like this the entire thing. in 1 6 race game with small map, shadow had 106 planets and went from lv 52 to about 70 by the time I won it. I don't know what it is, by ever since updated from 1.002 to 1.004 every map shadow is in they just dominate the map somehow. In this game shadow has 18 planets while everyone else has 1-3, with utopian being 2nd with 13 planets.

02-27-2013, 11:27 AM
If anything is making the Shadow too powerful, it's their new cloaking technology.

02-27-2013, 11:37 AM
If anything is making the Shadow too powerful, it's their new cloaking technology.

To counterbalance their cloaking, you might want to make their ships extra weak. And have their cloaking fail once in a while when they're around monsters.

02-27-2013, 11:43 AM
If anything is making the Shadow too powerful, it's their new cloaking technology.

Yeah with the crit rate and attack bonus they probally crit nearly every shot. Not sure if its only the cloaking though, I was watching them fight another race's ships was a 5 on 5 and they didn't seem overpowered, was a pretty even fight, well till I stepped in and blew Shadows enemy to bits. It has to be something else, they expand and take over new planets faster than any race I have seen. least in 1.004. They also tend to have more credits than any other race, by more I mean over 10 times more. On one hand I don't mind, because they are a pretty safe race to ally with, but on the negative side, the game has gotten boring because the shadow race is going to dominate any game they are in. I even tried warring them, and couldn't nuke their ships and planets fast enough to stop their expansion.

Tyrax Lightning
02-28-2013, 07:36 PM
I have noticed this too... Cloaks on the Colony Ships make their ability to expand nigh unstoppable if they don't get blown up early or cornered by constant monster attacks while they're small. Maybe just remove the Cloaks from their Colony Ships?

I got into a game where I allied with the Shadow & they dominated & grew all the way to Lvl 100... then Shadow Rebels popped outta one of the planets, & they stayed at peace for awhile... Eventually the Rebels expanded a bit, then went to war with the Shadow... it was mighty interesting having 2 Lvl 100 Races with Cloaks fighting each other, as I aided the Shadow vs the Rebels... The Rebels actually somehow pulled ahead in power compared to the Shadow DESPITE me constantly sniping down Shadow Rebel Planets & I died a barrelload of times since I was in the 65ish Level at the time... I eventually had to flee the Sector partially because the Rebels were too strong for me to beat up, & partially because there were so many Shadow Ships & Shadow Rebel Ships at a time in a Medium Sized Sector, that the Lag was nigh unplayable, which also contributed to me dying so much... (Both at the time of this incident, & as of the time of this Post, i'm stuck on my Craptop... I miss my Good Computer.)

By the end of that Sector Playthrough though... I had a hell of a lotta juicy loot though... :D I gotta sick strong Pulsar Generator, Bombs, & Hellfire among that Loot that's still a hell of a lot stronger than what's dropping in my current Lvl 80ish Games i'm in as of the time of this Post... among other good Components... Now I gotta couple of Doomsday Weapons on hand & ache to have those HUGE Fleets of Shadow Rebel Ships back because I wanna throw a Doomsday Weapon into them & see 50+ Level 100 Ships blow up in a single hit... ^_^

03-01-2013, 08:13 AM
Well easy solution would be to code it so Colony and Diplomat ships cannot use the cloaks.