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06-19-2010, 07:20 PM
Greetings fellow cursed ones : )

So I have the 3-class hybrids working to my personal satisfaction, and think I have the Wizard and Conjurer skill trees balanced the way I like too ; ) (as well as the monsters).... now I'm working on tweaking item drops/rarity effects/ and magicmodifers (along with what items they can be applied to) to what feels a bit more "right" to me : )

however to get these things perfect, I need a clear idea on exactly what happens to create an item... some of my observations/assumptions follow:

1.) a monster dies and depending on its rarity, drops between the min and max number of items set in systems.gdb (fact I believe)
2.) the item has the level of the monster? (assumption)
3.) the item will be whatever rarity level it manages to "climb" to based on the odds table in systems.gdb (fact)
4.) the item will have between 0 and "maxmodifiers-for-that-rarity-type" modifiers and this is set in systems.gdb (assumption)
5.) the modifiers for that item are picked from the pool of modifiers that can affect that item type, with some modifers being weighted based on their "SpawnChance" variable defined in the file which created it (assumption)
6.) the specific "strength" of the chosen modifiers is selected how? (clueless)
7.) each "strength" of the various modifiers have an "itemlevel" value that increases as the "strength" number does
8.) this "itemlevel" is multiplied by the modifiers "PerLevel" amount and added to the modifiers "Base" amount to give the total bonus bestowed to the item (fact)
9.) this "itemlevel" SEEMS to increase the required level of the item? (assumption) Does it also increase the items level? (clueless) or do the items even have levels? (clueless)

If anyone has answers to these questions, and any other information on the item generation process, I'd appreciate it! : ) I've created about 5 new modifiers so far, and all of them I've created with up to a "itemlevel" 90 "strength".... I'm curious if it's pointless to go over 75? and for the preexisting ones that stopped around 50 or so, if I add more "strengths" to get to 90, will that really have an effect? I've noticed the "MaxNormalItemLevel 75" in systems.gdb, would changing that to 90 be required?

anyway, thanks in advance to anyone with some info! : )

06-21-2010, 11:24 AM
1) There is a percent chance check first.
2) The item level starts with the monster but can then vary up or down quite a bit (this part is fairly complex).

6) It's complicated and similar to part 2.

9) A modifier can increase the minimum player level. It doesn't change the item's level.

You can definitely extend the old ones past 50. I believe you can extend things past 75 also, but I'm not positive.