View Full Version : Shooting through your back

06-21-2010, 01:21 AM
I like to play melee style if at all possible. In the past tournament, with the cursed thief-sorcerer, it wasn't possible so I ended up using a lot of lightning. I noticed that if I clicked to attack someone behind me, the lightning would go directly from my hands to the monster; usually right through me. Then my character would turn around.

I noticed the same thing happening with monsters: Attack in the direction they're currently facing, then turn to face the enemy, then attack facing the enemy. If you could switch the order of those things---first turn to face the enemy, then attack---it would get rid of the shoot-through-the-back phenomenon. It would be easier to do with the monsters since they aren't worried about response time.

In the case where a player is running, it might work to have him slide sideways, firing over his shoulder, rather than slide backwards or shoot through himself.