View Full Version : Should delivery quests be listed in the system of orign instead of the destination?

03-06-2013, 11:40 PM
For example, Hive want's you to pick up a gift from their planet in Anis and deliver it to Brunt's planet in Pron. The quest appears in the list when you hover over Pron on the sector map or the sector name in the corner of the screen. Maybe it's just me but I think the quest should be listed for the Anis system instead of Pron.

I usually try to do all the quests in a sector before moving to the next. I start in Waz, move to Anis, and then go to Pron where I then find out I have to go back to Anis, which I find to be slightly annoying. It would save time if I had known about the quest while I was still in Anis, but this would currently require me to read every single quest for every race before leaving a system.

I believe colonization quests work the same way while shopping quests do not. Colonization quests are marked in the system you are supposed to colonize instead of where you need to pick up the module. Shopping quests are marked in the system you need to buy the item which is good.

Tyrax Lightning
03-07-2013, 06:45 PM
Hmm... I haven't noticed if Delivery Quests list by Destination instead of Origin... I oughta see if I can remember to take a look-see at that in my gaming...