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03-11-2013, 01:20 PM
After playing quite a bit, and reaching final level 100 here are some of my ideas how to improve game experience:

1. Overload should reduce number of % in stats according to % missing in power load.
2. Shortcut to fire all weapons at once (configure) to i.e. drag and drop few weapons on one button in shortut bar to have them firing at once.
3.Keeping crew in stash, i know it's hard. put a price for it (for cryogenic tubes price or what ever) but please make it possible :)
4.More flexible quest management. most welcome screen would be a summary of all quest avaiable for current galaxy from all races instead of clicking between all nations and looking for stars in description to accept
them. It really takes a lot of time. Also ability to ignore some quest so they don't show up anymore in the game in that sector (i simply dont want to see them and they misslead me by showing star next to race)
5.Autoclear of rumored position of the bosses/quest objects after they are killed/removed/quest is canceled.Cleaning up the map is also time consuming
6.Ability to configure autopause of the game when trading or browsing in stash/inventory
7. Big stacks of healing/eneregy refills (up to 99) that really helps (i use mod for that - avesome thing)
8. Shields should recharge really faster (like at least x 3). As it is now, it's allmost same like armor.
9. Auto- alliance option: that's something i've spend a lot time/clicking. I check after each quest or battle next to specific race's planet if realtion is enoough to increase pact level with them (neutral, mutual support, alliance). I would love to be able to select option within specific race window in current sector game, so evevry time im reaching maximum realtion level, it automatically applies for higher level of pact.
Optionally, make relation points limit much higher/unlimited, so i can use them to jump over two pact levels later on. Most of the time i play new sector i try to ally at least with one race, so i can assure at least military win, in case i get into fight with the rest of alliances. Such option would save a lot of clicking!
10.Ability to auto offer and sell some of the intel info to selected races. Common scenario for me was to discover new galaxies, new plantes new technologies, and go around all races (or most of them) and sell it for credits. I would love if it could be set to be done automatically (if i decide so). Again, saves a lot of time.
11. Ability to change CP distribution for price, same like skills in Din's or DoP, for cash
12. Ability to change race specific slot for equipment - for cash, and when changed it has no bonus of half power consumption - but it would be great to have such option to change profile of additional slot, instead of leveling up a new ship, only to find out that i.e. missle slot on your ship is barerly usefull. Of course the rest os race specifics, inc. crew limitation could stay as they are.
13. Shortcuts for specific preset equipment configrations (i.e. missle boat, fighter carrier, higher defense,higher offense, anti-missle defense, specific type resistances etc.) so ship can be easily adjusted during game to specific situation without having to manually change the stuff

Tyrax Lightning
03-11-2013, 02:50 PM
11. Ability to change CP distribution for price, same like skills in Din's or DoP, for cash
We DEFINITELY need this one... especially for our first Ships! :D

03-12-2013, 01:16 AM
2 ("fire at will" button), 6 (autopause), 8 (shields), 11 (respec) and 13 (equip presets) is pretty good.