View Full Version : higher capacity stash - upgradable for a lot of money

03-11-2013, 01:26 PM
While Drox is similar in terms of engine to DoP or DC, i've found that stash management is much more challanging in Drox.
Factor's are:
- much more diffrent kinds of equipment/crew.
- Much more combination to place equipment
- variable number of hard points on the ship over the game due to leveling up command points
- much more combinations of equipment within one ship than it was within characters in DoP or DC - in character you had your class(that was limiting options already), and gloves could go only on hands, and helmet only on head, while in drox - it's all meshed up.
- much more "special skill" (in DoP or DC was limited to class and choice was not so dependant on equipment)
- not mentioning the fact, that having power load limitation on top of all that.

Summing up, for me, it's quite a headache already

My suggestions to remove it would be:
Have stash not based on cargo bays (inventory stays as it was) but an extendable box(each next capacity space could cost some money) for equipment, with tab's so it was easier to sort them, or even with autosorting feature - again such tab divided stash are quite popular in many mmo's - and they really do their job.

Swaping right now between very limited space in stash is very hard to manage - i.e.when stash and inventory is open you cannot access equipment on the ship.