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03-13-2013, 11:24 AM

1. How do i edit the textures?
I understood they are compiled .tga but what to do with them?

2. Also how do i add new items like uniqueitems?
3. Are the prefixes and suffixes of rare and magicitems somewhere located?
4. Do they work depending on itemclass or for everything?
5. And what can we do to races? How many?
6. Can we make certain races enemies no matter what happens?
7. Is it possible to change the scale of most enemies?
They are usually not that strong so i'd like to make them a real bit smaller.

I could make some guides after i understood it.
I think the game has much potential but it is very simple on every level. No much detail and atmosphere. I don't say this do offend the creator. Been modding quite a lot of games and usually take it serious. I won't stop annoying you people till i know what i want to know. (I also try to figure out stuff on my own)

04-02-2013, 10:24 AM
1) In the console there is a command called buildTgas that you can use to recreate all of the tga files. Then you can edit them. The game automatically converts tga files back to the compressed format.

2) In general you would just add a new item/component entry with a parm called Unique set to 1 and have as many MagicModifier commands as you wanted. I'm not positive the game will spawn them correctly though.

3) The prefix/suffix type of stuff are in Database\MagicModifiers

4) By default they work on everything, but they can be controlled using the MagicRequirement parm.

5) You can make new races if you want to. You just need to make a new entry like the ones in Database/races.gdb

6) You can set the starting relations on races. Search for StartingRelation in Database/races.gdb and you'll see lots of examples.

7) In Database\Monsters\MonsterArchetypes.gdb you can set the Scale parm to change any monster's size.