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07-11-2010, 11:52 AM
I know this is completely random, but all that senseless hype about Lebron James and his free agency got me thinking about the rumor of Delonte West and his mom. (I'm a Lakers fan, so I get to watch the circus without any attachment during the free agency period.)

At first I thought Lebron's one hour special on where he was going next was just a stupid publicity stunt to stroke his titanic ego, but after reading about it, I get the feeling that it was more personal than most people realize(I didn't watch it because I didn't care all that much at the time).

From the articles I read, it sounded like Lebron kicked Cavaliers in the nuts while they were down, almost as if Lebron hated the team and the management. In one super douche move, he made the Cavaliers organization a true rival for the Clippers for their Crown of Shame while televising the humiliating soap opera to the world, not even letting his teammates or the management know of his decision beforehand. They had to find out what happened on national reality tv show, just like everyone else.

The fans reacted like the fans always do. Rabid and fanatic. Not much reason and way too much alcohol. But the owner's response seemed odd. He published a scathing letter that tore Lebron apart. Usually the owners don't do that, and plenty of owners got dumped by their stars before. Then the owner threatened to release dirt on Lebron to ruin him. Now what kind of dirt would Lebron have? It isn't as if there are drunken girls suing him for sexual assault charges, cops after him for DUI, and animal rights activists picketing his house for dogfights. The only negative thing about Lebron would be the sheer size of ego he must carry on his shoulders (and the fact that he looks like a fifty year old chain smoker), and usually the fans love the whole big ego thing.

So could it be... that there is some truth to Delonte West scandal during the east conference finals? If the rumor happens to be true, some things do make more sense. People have been ragging on Lebron for quitting on his team during the conference finals (rightfully so) but if the rumor of Delonte West and his mom is true, then it's understandable. How can an athlete focus on playing team sport, when your trusted teammate is with your mom every night? No reasonable fan can expect Lebron to get an assist from passing the ball to the guy fooling around with his mom, right?

This could also explain why he wants to leave Cleveland. West is there and Lebron doesn't want to be reminded of his mom's indiscretion every single day. Now since Dan Gilbert threatened to release the dirt on Lebron, it seems like the management knew about D West and the self-proclaimed king's mom. Lebron expected the management to surround him with key players to win the title. Instead they brought in punks like D West who fool around with his teammate's mom. To make matters worse, the management did absolutely nothing when West ruined the team chemistry and probably destroyed their chance at beating the Celtics, since Lebron was too dejected to play. They should have traded D West as soon as possible. Instead, the did nothing and hoped it would just go away. Unfortunately for them, it looks like it's taking Lebron with it. Yeah Lebron quit on his team but it seems like there were extenuating circumstances. The fact that Lebrons handlers prohibited any form of questions regarding his mom during the one hour special could further support this theory.

Maybe the idea that Lebron wanted to ruin the Cavaliers doesn't seem that farfetched now. The one hour special on his decision was more about humiliating the organization that he feels betrayed him. Yes, the event hurt his carefully wrought image and brand, but it hurt the Cavalier organizations more. The team is ruined for any foreseeable future while the owner is vilified by vast majority of the sports writers. Who would want to play there? Teammates backstabbing each other, deranged owners threatening to blackmail their stars, not to mention the voodoo curse that seems to ruin any decent sports team in the whole state. Cleveland fans still hate Lebron, but they would have hated him as long as he left Cleveland, even if he didn't do the whole national televised piss on Cavaliers thing.

In conclusion, Cavalier management allowed the whole thing to happen. All they had to do was spend some money to lure a big name brand to the team instead of settling for defective generic brands and expired products. Now they make the Clippers look like the Lakers. It also means Lebron can't explain any of this to the media and the public. He can't just come out and say the reason he is leaving is because he doesn't want to see West make sweet love to his mom, nor can he beat the tar out of him. That's like confirming the whole thing. By the nature of this scandal, he has to smile and pretend everything is okay, even as the fans burn his jersey, spit on his pictures, and spray urine and goat blood on his voodoo doll while stabbing it repeatedly with icepick. The only thing Lebron can do is to go away. That and kick the Cavaliers in the danglies one last time before he go.

Of course, in the end, none of this matters. I still think Miami Heats are not good enough. I expect the team to implode some time before the playoffs. You know the whole clashing of egos the size of Godzilla thing. Meanwhile, the reigning champs the Lakers will laugh and wait for the Celtics once again.

p.s. yeah probably should have kept on playing Din's Curse instead of writing this crap. But to clarify, it's not that I didn't sleep to write this; I wrote this because I couldn't sleep.