View Full Version : Amusing bug #3

07-21-2007, 10:53 AM
So I get an alert that there is a thief in town stealing items from the vendors and I'm already in town, so I run over towards the vendors. The small items vendor seems to be fine, so I continue over towards the weapon and armor smiths. Ah, there's my stealthed thief right next to where the weaponsmith usually is but is missing for some reason. Who cares, lets go kill a thief.

I charge over there expecting a good fight and up pops the buy vendor menu. What? That's when I look at the name a little closer and finally realize the stealthed out npc is not the thief but is really my weaponsmith.

I'm confused for a couple seconds and then remember I just made it so that rogue recruits have the possibility of having the stealth skill. Well the weaponsmith is a rogue and just happens to have the stealth skill in my current game. Apparently she doesn't really want to sell many weapons :)