View Full Version : NPC issues

11-17-2007, 05:42 AM
I like the fact that alot of things are happening in town but can become hard at some point, yesterday i was busy on a quest with 4 bosses in a group, i get the message that some bos is attacking our town, but finished my quest first as I was fighting already, i go back to town and every freaking NPC was killed, so I know the ressurect and decided meanwhile to go do the other quests, after 1 hour and 30 minutes i completed all quests but no warmaster still alive so i can't complete my quest and get new ones, but then the plague starts, but the apothecary isn't ressurected yet also so even my own recruits start having the plague and the villagers again but still none of those 2 important people, so i can't heal them and can't do any quest anymore as there is no quest giver and so on... can the scripts then at least being paused or if this happens bring at least those 2 important NPC immediatly back to live...

Another thing that could perhaps been fixed is the Rescue quests or protect, Yesterday it happened to me to go rescue someone, so i go down a dungeon, i erase everthing but the npc is just behind a door, I open it but the door is trapped, the NPC takes 180 damage and dies... euh... right... can that NPC perhaps get a script that it cannot die because of traps, as spending half a hour to rescuing him and dies that way is a bit annoying, sure shit happens hehe... but I don't like the computer telling me QUEST FAILED :)