View Full Version : Minor Ceasefire bugs(?)

03-30-2013, 10:29 AM
In a recent sector, I noticed a few issues related to ceasefires.

1) I attempted to rescue a ship that was sitting next to an enemy planet. At the time I was already in a ceasefire, and when I tried to rescue the craft it would always say that it couldn't be done while there were enemies around. I don't think this should trigger when a ceasefire is active.

2) When a ceasefire is engaged and you have a ship bay weapon, the newly cease-fired enemy will still attack these ships. I think this only occurs if your proximity at the time of the ceasefire was relatively close, but I've not tested the details too much. I noticed in a recent game also that the crease-fired enemy ships would also attack me still, but it wasn't clear to me why. Leaving a re-entering that current galaxy seems to fix this.

3) Not exactly a bug, but a behavior I don't think is correct. When a ceasefire ends, it is treated the same as re-declaring war. This means if you have allies or they have allies who you made peace during or before the ceasefire, they will re-declare war against you or your enemy. This muddles attempts to have diplomacy or rebuild relations. Because there's no way to extend the ceasefire, it will happen every time the ceasefire timer expires. I think the end of the ceasefire should re-engage the war status without triggering the normal treaties.

04-02-2013, 07:30 AM
To add to the above list (last checked in version 1.004, I think):

4) Often, a few of the race's ships I have the ceasefire agreement with still fire on me. I guess they're those ships I have already damaged and they remember. (Could be called a feature)

5) A ceasefire seems to end prematurely when any ship I have damaged gets killed by a third party. The game remembers who I have scratched, attributes the kill to me and assumes the contract broken. I guess.