View Full Version : Extra Bonus skill Idea's

11-18-2007, 06:33 PM
I was looking in my stats and was suddenly thinking of those extra bonuses when you reach a certain amount of strength or levels and so on, so I was thinking of those 4 stats too perhaps if you are interested!

1 Number of quest, how something like after 100 quests you gain 1 % XP more for quest resolution, after 250 another 1% and so on...
2 Number of treasures found, after a certain amount like 20 or 50 to start with you gain 1% more chance on good drops (loot)
3 Number of deaths : If you are killed alot like after 20 or 50 times you lose 1 skill point on all the stats makes it more interesting to not die but brings you to idea number 4 (after 500 deaths you would perhaps already lose 10 skill points in all stats) or if to much deaths you could have 1 point less to distribute in skills.
4 Number of kills, here i was thinking of the opposite the more monsters you kill, you gain then extra skill points to distribute

That's about it, I guess other things can be added like playing time and so on but I think one of the most interesting things would be the number of deaths, so you really start to care as for now I don't even run away if i die I die so what, and loosing a to good object when dying is not always a good solution like some games do.

11-19-2007, 02:22 PM
Some bonuses like this would be kind of cool.