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04-02-2013, 06:10 AM
In the level 12 challenge sector I had a one-time encounter with zombified race planets, not Zombie-race but zombified Mutant and AI. Independent of my diplomatic standing with the race, no interaction with those planets planets was possible, although there were quests relating to them (of the 'unrest on Foo' or 'deliver ancient artifact to Bar. kinds). Instead of the normal ways of interaction, only an attack cross hair was shown when hovering the mouse cursor over such a planet.

To avoid some possible confusion, a bit of background: The level 12 challenge is about a bunch of special races derived from the stock races: Ape and AI (stemming from Human), Mutant (from Dryad) and Zombie (from Shadow) among them. Zombie as a race have the special property that they can turn monsters into zombified versions when engaging in combat. All that is fine and well.

I can interact with the Zombie race just fine. Usually, they get eliminated early because they are a prickly bunch and first to get in to deep with the other races. All that, usually, remains after their inevitable early demise, will be a diminishing number of zombified space monsters (the condition is catching, so it lingers).

In the game in question, I encountered Zombie together with Mutant and AI in the starting system. After a bit of back and forth, Zombie was eliminated by AI. Later, I noticed one of the AI planets to have the 'Zombie' condition. This, still later, appeared on another planet in the same system, maybe two others. Apparently there has been some thought put into this feature. There was even a decay-type graphical style applied to the planet's image.

So it is safe to assume this is a feature. However, what I cannot understand about this is:

Why is there no possible way of interaction? Note, I could not trade with said planets, nor could I deliver packages. I did not try propaganda or espionage missions though. Those could still be possible because of the way those options can be accessed from the race menu.
Is there any chance of this condition going away over time? In the game in question, the condition persisted to the end, and I spent a fair bit of time in the sector. I am not sure of this, but I think it stuck over the planets being destroyed and re-settled.
Why do new quests relating to such planets appear? I mean quests which cannot be solved because they require interaction with the planet.

So I think the zombified planets may definitely be a feature, but there are some loose ends. Also note that I must have played this challenge sector at least half a dozen times with different characters. Three or more of those plays were after the release of version 1.0 of the game. I have seen this happen only this one time (version 1.005, or 1.004).

An interesting question is, how all of this came to pass. Maybe the initial zombified planet was created when the colony was destroyed by a zombified space monster? Also, all of the above is from memory. Possibly, Talon (zombified?) made a brief appearance in the system. But I am not sure.

04-02-2013, 10:11 AM
You are correct, there are some loose ends I need to fix with zombies.