View Full Version : Doubting Myself, Stupid NaNo

Delilah Rehm
11-21-2007, 11:37 AM
Iím coming off of a two day migraine, Iím babysitting today (a five month old), Iíd like to cook a thing or two for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and donít forget the monster in the laundry basket encroaching on my bedroom demanding attention. I pushed through the pain (light sensitivity) and wrote the first day of my migraine, but I didnít do it yesterday. AND today I feel like writing as much as I feel like cleaning toilets. Did I mention my kindergartner is home today? (No, she isnít in the laundry basket, thatís dirty clothes waging war with the surrounding territories.)

Iím 33,000 words into NaNo (Nation Novel Writing Month), leaving 17,000 words to go. Quitting sounds so so so so good today (when did those little voices return?). And yet so wrong when I am this close. Whoever said week three was easier is a LIAR! For me, week three is much harder than week two. Distractions are piling up, and itís hard to stay focused on something I donít have to do. No contracts are goading me, no agents counting on their cut. No steady stream of readers (yet).

But I am so freaking suborn (errÖ that is to say, determined). Even if I have to write in ten minute spurts. Iíve got to spit this thing out. I have to do it. Regardless, let it be known, I HATE NANO! (Perhaps Iíll change my mind about that next week.)