View Full Version : Extreme Weapon Damage Mod

04-15-2013, 01:54 AM
Attached is a mod that makes radical changes to the way weapon damage works. Weapons that were once less effective against certain defenses now do no damage, and weapons that were extra effective now do double damage. So your railgun will shred a shield to pieces in a hurry, but it's never going to be the killing blow since ships' structures are now immune to ballistic damage. Likewise your EM weapons are now back pocket items, since they won't do anything until you've taken down a ship's shields and armor.
This mod should make the game more challenging and give end game ships a new twist. It's not recommended for lower level ships, since it's difficult to equip too many different damage types at one time.
One sidenote is that this affects all damage done in the game. Your bombers won't be penetrating anyone's shields, and you'll be immune to EM damage yourself as long as your armor is intact.
I haven't done much testing, so this may have an effect on mines (since shields are immune to explosive). Since my ships aren't at level 100 yet, I would love some feedback.

04-15-2013, 08:04 PM
nice job you've done here! but as for me,

ballistic weapons should pierce shields without making any harm to them and do the damage straight to the armor and hull

but i'm not sure if this could be implemented