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09-24-2010, 10:48 AM
Here's some of my latest tweets from twitter (http://twitter.com/Soldak) / facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Soldak-Entertainment/86780026043) with a bit more explanation.

I seem to be getting distracted by all sorts of things lately, but another Demon went into the Din's Curse expansion today. Basically at this particular time I wasn't getting much done on the expansion, but some of the artists were.

Working on seeing how hard it would to be play movies in the engine today (nothing fancy of course). -> Finally have my movie code working correctly, just need to clean up a little bit and get it working on the Mac. -> Got all of my movie stuff finished finally, including support for the Mac and all of the little details. :) I was investigating.working on movie stuff because we might add some kind of intro movie to the expansion. Nothing really fancy of course since we don't have an entire department devoted solely to cinematics.

Working on version 1.007 today, fixed some bugs, rebalanced some stuff, and added a Very Slow world option. This was just a small update about 1.007 work.

Doing a pretty major pass on elite and artifact items today (and probably tomorrow). -> Still working on beefing up the unique items, takes a while when there are 400+ of them (not including artifacts or legendary items). Version 1.007 had changes to most unique items in the game.

Now when you purchase Din's Curse from us you get the Windows AND the Mac versions. I have been thinking about doing this for a while now. I'm glad we finally got this setup.

I feel like I made expansion progress today by adding a new world map feature. I believe this was the feature that you can look at maps of levels that you aren't on.

Got a bunch of things done on the expansion today, mostly little things, but progress is progress. I hadn't been getting much done on the expansion before this.

Added Lost and Semi-Hardcore character options to Din's Curse expansion recently, more to come. -> Added Prima Donna, Only Hope, and Hunger advanced character modes to Din's Curse expansion today. I've added a lot of advanced character options since we shipped originally. We used to only have hardcore and cursed.

Announced today that we got a North American retail deal for Din's Curse with Masque Publishing, should be in stores early to mid October. Getting a retail deal is nice! Hopefully we will sell a lot of copies and we will see royalties.

Added Poor Town, On The Brink, Aggressive World, and Demanding Town world modifiers to Din's Curse expansion today. -> Added anti-magic areas and world modifier today to the Din's Curse expansion. -> Added Gigantism, Berserk, and Temporal Flux world modifiers today to the Din's Curse expansion. I think the world modifiers idea worked out really well in Din's Curse to make each town a little more unique, so I've been adding a bunch more for the expansion. A lot of these are from ideas posted by our gamers.

Added Two Handed Mastery, Magical Deflection, Breech, and Demon Armor skills today (so far). -> A few more skills added today - Terrorize, Shield Blast, Demonic Roar, and Blood Sacrifice. I now have all of the Demon Hunter skills working in the game. They still need a lot of balance and polish, but being able to play the class is a good first step.