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Tyrax Lightning
05-21-2013, 07:33 PM
Is it possible to have Mod Items 'add' to the current list of Items instead of replacing existing Items?

If so, how does one go about it without bugging stuff up or making stuff crash &/or corrupt?

Many thanks for your time. :o

05-22-2013, 05:54 AM
I am really horrible at step by step explanations but I can show you with pointers! I've been slowly adding to the item pool and can verify the methods are adding items with no overwrites or corruptions.

I'll use something really basic just to give you an idea.

// This is your new base class for your item.
//You may wish to declare a new magic modifier which is handled similarly.

Base BaseComponent
BaseOnly 1

ItemType Light

// LevelRequirement 1
VitalityReqPerLevel 1.5

ModelName Models/Items/groundOther.mdl
UseModelName Models/Items/GenericMachinery.mdl
DropSoundName Sounds/Items/OtherDropped.wav

CanBeUsed 1
InfiniteUses 1
MustBeEquippedToUse 1
ShowSkillHint 1

SomeSetAttributes 1
MagicModifier ModifierComponentBasicLight

SpawnChance 2.0

// Controls drop rates for items of this type. 40ish is nice for test purposes.


Base BaseStatusEffectPerLevel

StatChangeHealthRegen 50.0
StatChangeArmorRegen 50.0

TotalTime 0.0
TickTime 0.0

Base BaseStatusEffect

EffectType OnlyOne
GroupName ConsumableHealthBoost

TotalTime 10.0

Name $$HealthBoost$$

TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/consumableHealthBoost.tga

StatChangeHealthRegen 200.0
StatChangeArmorRegen 200.0

PerLevel StatusEffectNaniteHealthBoostPerLevel

//Note that everything new here is simply being declared without overrides.
//I love the ease of use factor.

Base BaseSkillPerLevel

Base BaseSkillDefense

Power 0

StatusEffect StatusEffectNaniteHealthBoost

SkillType Buff
BasePriority 1.0

ReuseTime 30.0

PerLevel SkillNaniterepairsPerLevel

SoundName Sounds/Player/Stealth_out.wav

// Similarly, declare new skills and/? status effects for the gear you are
// crafting and finally a new gear list to allow them to actually drop in game.
// Left this part short because you just need the idea not the annoyance :)
// Finally, whip up a Trn file and list your "Names" using the following format
// as an example. Maintance1name "Repair Nanites" so on so forth.
// Hope it was helpful for you Tyrax!

Base BaseMaintance

Name $$Maintance1name$$

TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/AutomatedRepairUnit.tga

ItemLevel 8
TechVersion 1

OnUseSkill SkillNaniterepairs

Base Maintance1-1

ItemLevel 12
TechVersion 2

Base Maintance1-1

ItemLevel 16
TechVersion 3

Base Maintance1-1

ItemLevel 20
TechVersion 4

Base Maintance1-1

ItemLevel 24
TechVersion 5