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11-26-2007, 08:58 PM
I've noticed an inconsistency which probably can't be considered a bug, but is still rather strange. Oftentimes I have a quest to kill a certain unique monster in one area, and then another instance of that unique spawns in another area as well. Ovad did this in two of my games, if I'm correctly remembering his name. One version had a group of uniques that needed killing, whereas the other was simply alone.
I've also had unique and set items spawn repeatedly. I found seven Ciglio's Belts within two hours with one character. While I recognize that even Diablo 2 would sometimes have this problem, seven copies seems rather extreme. Is there a way you might set certain items to only spawn once per game (each reload, for example) or once per character, or is that asking far too much? It kind of dampens the excitement of finding set pieces when you already have a satchel full of the same item. :D

11-26-2007, 09:59 PM
Welcome to the forums FloodSpectre.

Usually when you see a unique monster twice it's because he started off alone and then formed a group. Hopefully this is what you are seeing, because the game does actually try to keep monsters unique. Well at least at any one point in time. Now if you kill off a unique monster, he might respawn later again in another quest.

Yeah, unique items are really named incorrectly in most action RPGs. What it really means is that they are rarer than the other types of items, not that they are really unique. I'm actually surprised you found 7 ciglio belts though. I don't think I have ever found more than 2 of the same item with the same character. This also might become less common as you get to higher levels (ciglio's belt is a very low level item).

Is anyone else seeing the same items this often?

11-27-2007, 12:15 AM
Hm, I'm not entirely sure whether the unique appeared afterwards or was there at the same time as his other instance, though your explanation definitely makes sense. I was seeing some other uniques showing up after they had been killed too.

If you'd like I can post a screencap with my set piece dupes. Most are only doubles, though I've also found four copies of Greta's Tunic. Several have slightly different armor values though so I can't complain when I find a better copy, I suppose. Maybe one of my other characters will want the spares at some point.