View Full Version : Ape Bug

Tyrax Lightning
06-27-2013, 06:06 PM
My Rerolled Main has finished the "End of the World" Challenge Sector, & the Apes in the Sector were seriously hardcore cheating! :mad:

Once in awhile, a Race Ship will despawn before it can be killed, including if a pair of ships is fought & the first ship is killed, sometimes the second one despawns before it can be killed... this happens with all Races.

This particular Sector, the Ape's Ships were despawning for no discernible reason before they could be killed what felt like 9/10 times! This was making it stupidly hard to get XP, Loot, & +Relations with Ape Enemies from Ape Ship Kills (all of which I was needing, especially the +Relations with Ape Enemies! :mad:) because when they despawned, they wouldn't count as a kill.

This was happening in multiple circumstances, whether it be Ape Ships attacking a Planet I was defending, me attacking the Ape Defenders of a Planet, encountering & attacking Ape Ships doing who knows what in middle of nowhere, etc.

I tried to discern if the Ape Ship Numbers decreased every time this premature despawning happened, but I was having too much trouble trying to not lose the sector to be able to track this adequately so info on this front is inconclusive. (Why am I so good at picking the losers to ally with if I don't wait for one race to have 20+ Planets first? :/ )

Please fix. :(

Edit: Oops, almost forgot, also noticed a minor oops with the Apes where when ya first encounter them, they welcome you to "Human Space" instead of Ape Space. :p