View Full Version : First play of IotA

07-09-2013, 06:03 PM
Played Drox with IotA for a solid hour now, and I very much enjoy roaming the galaxy in my new Scavenger ship and seeing those impressive starbases being built.
If there's one complaint I have right now, it's that most of the chips I have found seem rather useless (+1 Thrust? +2 Defense? The best I got so far is +12% projectile speed).
Granted, they're low level greens, so there's hope they will get more powerful as the game progresses.

Now, on to report some typos and a lone bug, which seems more of an oversight :

Typos :

- In the Bare Bones difficulty option help text, "minmumal" should be "minimal" or better yet, "the bare minimum"; "starts off so bad" should be "starts off this bad"
- In the No Life difficulty option help text, "with no crew" should be "without organic crew" (do Utopians count as organic in this context?)
- In the Scanvenger race description, "vehicle components" should be "spaceship components"; "ship corpses" should be "ship wrecks"; "Profiting from [...]" should be "Gaining profit from [...]"
- In the help text for the Ancients loss condition, there's a superfluous comma before "and Morath"

Bugs :

- There's no "Scavenger Operative" Achievement listed on the achievements screen.
- Chips look like escape pods when dropped in space.

Suggestions :

- The Create New Sector screen should show a small preview image of the currently selected sector shape.