View Full Version : [Bug] Shockwave's weapon speed.

07-15-2013, 05:32 PM
I wanted to use my shockwave to try and understand how stabilized weapon mounts, heat sinks, etc... affect weapon speed. My ship mounts two components that grant 70% weapon speed. So I held my mouse button down, fired 11 shockwaves, divided the time it took by 10... and got 1.5 seconds, which is more than the unmodified time it should take to fire a shockwave. Picture below:


On the other hand, if I just click my mouse button as quickly as I can, the time between shockwaves is less than half a second. Picture below:


It seems that weapon speed bonuses are not taken into account when the trigger is held down - whether it is a key or a mouse button, if you hold it down, you only get the normal speed.

This is not about the modifiers you sometimes get on weapon components in the extension pack, nor the ones you get from chips. Those affect single weapons, and are working fine. This is about the components that are meant to affect all your non-special weapons, and go into the medium slot.


Actually, it is worse than this. Even without medium components that modify your weapon speed, spamming the mouse button makes my shockwave fire faster than holding the trigger down. It's only about .2 seconds, but it's there.


1) Holding the key down, regardless of installed components: One shot every 1.5s
2) No weapon speed components installed, clicking the key repeatedly: One shot every 1.25s
3) Two weapon speed components installed, clicking the key repeatedly: One shot every .5s

The numbers are not 100% accurate, of course, but they are as close as I can measure them. I think this is definitely worth looking into.

Cardinal Ape
07-15-2013, 06:51 PM
The yellow medium slot components that increase weapon speed also seem to be worth very few credits compared to other components. Rarely have I seen one that breaks the 100 credit mark.