View Full Version : [Balance] Marines (boarders) don't seem to scale

07-21-2013, 02:19 AM
I have been using the same Marine from ship level 2 to ship level 35. He has appropriately leveled, and has now Tactical 8. He was very effective in finishing off ships up to level 10, but now he is absolutely unable to take anyone down. He seems to be doing about 10 hit points per boarding, if that.

Given that my other weapons hit for a few hundred points each, he is completely useless. What's the formula for the boarders damage? Is it scaling properly? It should be about half the product of the marine's level and Tactical skill (but not benefit from the ship's damage bonuses) to be worth using. A level 100 marine with Tactical 40 (pretty much the best case scenario) would do 2000 damage, which is low enough not to eclipse normal weaponry, but high enough to be able to actually finish someone off.