View Full Version : Bug? Resurrecting a Race

07-22-2013, 03:43 AM
Has anyone actually successfully completed a "Resurrect A Race" quest?

I've had the same problem with attempting the final stage of "Resurrecting a Race" on three attempts now.
I'll get to the final stage, where it asks me to colonize X planet in Y system, to complete the quest chain.

Instance #1:
I'm asked to colonize X planet in Y system, but X planet does not exist in Y system. Planet X was instead, in an adjoining system Z. And no option to "colonize planet" [Yes, I checked quite thorough for any duplicate named planets] I actually failed this the first time, because another race colonized planet X in system Z.

Instance #2:
Again, reach the final stage, and oddly enough, I was asked to colonize <This Planet Left Blank> in Y system. It provided a system name, but no specified planet. The system was flagged as the quest location, but no planet waiting to be colonized.

Instance #3:
GOTO Instance #1. Exact same problem. Planet was in an adjacent system, no option to colonize it.

Maybe it's just me. :confused: