View Full Version : Sub-race technology bug? Or Mutant problem?

08-11-2013, 12:37 AM
[Playing with the 1.18 beta patch and without IotA installed]

Earlier this evening I did a Rebel ship quest for Dryad which caused them to be taken over by Mutant. Mutant took over all (2) of Dryad's planets, eliminating them. [This caused a bug which is not related to the subject of my post but which I wanted to mention anyway: trading the Rebel quest item caused the Dryad planet to immediately change race to Mutant. This meant that the quest was 'failed' and unsolvable because the planet was destroyed, as the game saw it. The original quest ship becomes uninteractive. It would be nice to be able to collect the reward for that quest, considering the rebels/mutants are still technically around]

Anyway, mutant inherited a decent amount of credits from Dryad and quickly expanded. They swiftly built about 40 ships and colonised 6-7 planets.

Suddenly the expansion stopped and I started noticing what appeared to be Mutant ships stranded out in deep space. Looking closely, I saw that they were just very slow. In fact they had been crippled by a reversion to Level 1 tech in all their components, despite being Titan hulls. Something must have suddenly changed, because Mutant's initial expansion would not have been possible with these incredibly slow-moving ships; I confirmed that Colony and Freight ships were also affected. Some screenshots (hyperlinked due to page stretching):


The high level of shield tech is a result of my completing a research quest. In fact I completed one or two more research quests and they only seem to advance Mutant's shield tech level. I also tried to help them out by trading technology to them, with unusual results. They had no interest in certain lvl 60 non-shield techs that I picked up, but they did want a lvl 71 CPU tech that I found. This leads me to believe that they were behaving as if they thought they still had the same technologies they had before they got crippled.

Any thoughts? I was excited to unlock another sub-race, but now this sector just makes me sad, watching the poor guys unable to defend their planets with their horrible lvl 1 missiles and treacle-swimming ships :p

Off-topic: I also wanted to mention that I love Drox Operative and think it's one of the unsung gems of the past year. Well done to Soldak for making such a fascinating game.

08-12-2013, 01:35 PM
Curioser and curioser. I rolled back to the 1.017 patch and then reinstalled the 1.018 beta patch, and now the Mutant tech levels have all reverted to normal. In my second screenie where they were all lvl 1, they all read now read 60-something.

Mutant are still probably doomed, since almost all of their ships still have the lvl 1 drives, weapons and broken components from being used as punching bags by the local wildlife. I have no idea how you would go about reproducing this bug.

08-17-2013, 06:00 PM
This happened to me again, this time with Talon. Reversion to Tech 1 creating harmless, near-stationary ships.

Unfortunately I only noticed it when I was in the middle of killing their only planet so they were wiped out before I could get another screenie.