View Full Version : Possible Mod Idea: AOE Aimed Weapon

Tyrax Lightning
08-23-2013, 06:06 PM
Hey! I just got an idea for a Aimed Weapon with AOE Damage... something Drox has lacked for so long, & i'm also pondering it as a Kinetic Weapon, cause I notice there's so few Kinetic Weapons out there... as best as I can think of, only the normal & manual aim version of the Ballistic Weapon families & that's it.

Tier 1: Shrapnel Ball Launcher

Fires Balls of Shrapnel that explode in all directions after impact if it manages to hit its initial target.

Tier 2: Grenade Launcher

Fires Ballistic-like Grenades that explode into AOE Damage if they successfully land on their initial target.

Tier 3: Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher

Grenade with extra boom power from Rocket Propulsion! :D

Tier 4: Rocket Propelled C4 Grenade Launcher

Launches C4 exploded Rocket Propelled Grenades that also do secondary C4 Explosion Damage in addition to the AOE Shrapnel fired everywhere.

Tier 5: RAIL Propelled C4 Grenade Launcher

Rocket Propulsion has now been replaced with RAIL Technology that can magnetically propel the C4 Grenades at amazing & very hard to dodge speeds. (This is the final form of the Weapon Line, the one that can go up to 150 Tactical Requirement, & comparable to the Gatling Driver, Death Ray, etc. This is stronger than the Tier 4 version of the Weapon via the RAIL System being able to fire payloads that are built much bigger & stronger than the Tier 4 Weapon & STILL have it firing the Projectiles 50% faster than the prior ones travel at.)

This can be considered a rough draft, but Computer & Attack Stat Users need a AOE Weapon damn bad... my Utopian fell at lvl 97 cause he couldn't AOE worth a damn... There was sure as hell no way he woulda ever been able to Hardcore... :(

If this weapon is liked enough, maybe it could even become a new Vanilla Weapon. :)

Manual Aim Versions can exist too for options, these could be like the Ballistic Weapons, the Aim Version can be a Red Slot Component, & the Non-Aim Version could be a Yellow Slot Component.

Oh, almost forgot, the Tier 1-4 Projectiles would fly at the same speed as the Ballistic line & the Tier 5 Projectiles fire 50% faster, if that doesn't end up OP. These Weapons do Kinetic Damage, & the Tier 4 & 5 Projectiles have a secondary Explosion Damage hit separate from the Grenade Hit damage. I'm unsure if this would be better as a side family of the Ballistic Line of Weapons (thus it could benefit from certain Ballistic Weapon boosting Components) or as a separate weapon family line, like "Launcher" or "Special Weapon" to not benefit from other Components... maybe balance testing would be in order for this.

Many thanks for your time. :)