View Full Version : Small balance tweaks [mod]

09-01-2013, 11:22 AM
Hey all, recently got the game, loving it so far. That said, found myself not satisfied with certain aspects, so I went modding a bit. In case anyone's interested, I'm uploading the result of my efforts so far.

Note: I highly advise to set "zoomMax" to 2.0 in the ../user/default.cfg file.

Installation: drop the .zip file into the ../assets folder.


A. Quality of life:

1. Increased the draw distance to accomodate for the camera zoom-out.
2. Increased the speed of scanning and equipment identification
3. Slightly reworked radar to have more max range, reduced the attack bonus to 50%
4. Changed the crew happiness mechanics so that the degradation over time is barely noticeable, but crew kill will result in severe drop of happiness (wonder why?).
5. Slightly increased the loot quality from the unique enemies and reward chests.
6. Maximum number of AI covenants increased to 8.
7. Increased the items' sale price.

B. Balance changes:

1. Attributes per level increased to 6.
2. Maximum command reduced to 350, command tiers were shrinked accordingly.
3. Bonus skills were reworked - see below.
4. Increased enemies' damage, attack and defense values (lower grades got buffed more, bosses are least affected).
5. Direct hit base chance set to 2.5%.

C. (Passive) Skill changes:

1. Tactical - unaffected.
2. Helm - provides flat attack and defense, thrust bonus halved, provides bonus direct hit base chance (when maxed out, base direct hit chance ends up at 15% total).
3. Structure - provides flat defense and flat resists.
4. Engineering - changed to flat energy regen, and +% to maximum energy, powerload and shields.
5. Computers - provides bonus base shield regen and resists (half of what structure gives).

In the end, you get more options to go with, while overall difficulty level didn't take much of a hit (though it's somewhat easier now, yes). Might end up too easy if you go min-max route or exploit the equipment system.

I'm also thinking about tweaking weapons and rebalancing enemy damages a bit, so that different types of resists are more meaningful than they're now.