View Full Version : Lost Stat Points and Lost Journal Records

11-04-2010, 03:50 PM
I had my stash and inventory open to change equipment. I then opened my character screen to see the impact on my armor absorb and defenses. With 6 stat points remaining I decided to place them into Vitality, but only 1 point went in as the cursor reached through the character screen to pick up an item in my inventory. This somehow also put my available stat points to 0 despite the fact it only spent 1 stat point. :(

Question: Is there a way I can edit my character to give me back the 5 stat points I lost from this bug ((without it flagging me as a "cheater" or something))?

My Fire Mage / Hunter keeps losing his journal records of # of deaths, towns saved/lost, weakest/strongest monster killed by, max damage dealt at once, max healed, etc. This character plays in multiplayer LAN and enters singleplayer for equipment changes, like other characters of mine. Why would he be affected by this bug, but my other characters are not???

I can assign mouse button#3 (middle mouse button) in the options, but in the game it never works.

With only 2pts in cooking I make enough food to easily feed all my other characters with some to sell. I don't mind a powerful skill like this, but is it intentional to gain food from "cooking" the following monsters:
1>Sentinels, which are "stone beings"... so we eat rock/stone???
2>Plaguebringers, which are poisonous "diseased beetles"... I guess the hunter knows which parts are edible?
3>Skeletons and Lich... dogs chew bones, but a meal?
4>Zombies... rotting meat left out for days/weeks isn't safe to eat even after cooking.
5>Amorphs "made of earth"... I guess "earth" might include edible roots from plants?
I haven't tried eating totems or dimensional gates, yet.

11-05-2010, 10:09 AM
I'll check these out. The third one is just something that hasn't been implemented though.

I'm sure you could use a hex editor to change your character if you really wanted to. The game doesn't bother trying to protect from changes. It would be pretty pointless right now since the game is so easy to mod.

11-05-2010, 12:47 PM
For point #4, anything a scavenger or dimension gate can use, the hunter can use. I agree that some things should be off the dinner menu (like beasties after they have been zombified), but it would have to apply to scavengers as well.