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09-13-2013, 04:58 PM
Patch 1.024

Level 14 ship / Tiny Sector / Early Development / Normal Pace / Heavy Drox Involvement

To start everything is going just as expected. No problems. Then those insane Drox Guild people prepare to throw their monkeywrenches.

First Drox Guild quest was to ally with the Fringe. When this quest is presented, the Fringe are in last place with one planet and at war with 3 other races including the Drox (me). I hadn't even discovered the Fringe yet. I manage to find the sole Fringe planet before it gets destroyed, protect it during a ceasefire, then get a peace treaty, and slowly build relations by declaring war on some lesser races with whom the Fringe are at war; destroying their ships as they attack the sole Fringe planet.

In the meantime I get another Drox Guild quest to activate all gates. I buy activation of one, and manually activate the last one to solve this quest (leaving the sole Fringe planet unprotected for a time... luckily, they survive). Eventually I get enough relations to get my first treaty with the Fringe. I leave the Fringe planet and destroy one race that the Fringe are at war with... finally getting enough relations for an alliance. After that, I was pretty happy as I didn't think it was even possible. Of course, there were severe consequences.

The Fringe are still in last place, and it looks like Human will handily win the sector. So I solve the Drox/Fringe alliance quest, then immediately declare war on Fringe (the lose timer is ticking as I'm now at war with everyone) and eventually I get a ceasefire with Human. Everyone was at war with me after (what later became known in the galactic history books as) "the Drox/Fringe alliance fiasco". I then destroy Fringe and eventually manage to get a peace treaty with Human. Now I'm working on improving relations with the Humans. I get to 51.4 relations with Human when (...no! ...NO!!) another Drox Guild quest appears... Drox now want me to ally with the Dryad! The Dryad are at war with me (8.1 relations) and are at war with the Humans (0.0 relations); which means I'll now have to declare war on the Humans who are soundly in first place, get a ceasefire with Dryad, and so forth (here we go again! <sigh>). Long story short, I eventually manage to get an alliance with the Dryad. (history repeats itself)

But now the Humans are stronger than ever and are at war with the Dryad, so I need to ally with Human. So I solve the Drox/Dryad alliance quest, then declare war on Dryad (lose timer is now ticking again (WHAT?? It didn't reset to 10 minutes??) - I'm at war with everyone). I destroy Dryad. Human are now at war with no one (except me). I can only purchase a ceasefire and then pay through the nose to get that party to declare war on Human (or get Human to declare war on them). Just as I'm about to do this with 1:38 on the lose timer, I have to kill a nearby boss; and, when I do, I get a Fear win.

Was this fun? yes and no. When these quests were first presented, they seemed hopelessly impossible. But I did manage to solve each. Had I not got the Fear win, I'd probably have lost the sector; but I might have just been able to improve relations enough to get peace with the Humans during a series of ceasefires. One thing is for certain: You often need a lot of credits to play with heavy Drox Involvement! I wish I had not gotten the Fear win because I really wanted to see if it might have been possible to win this sector by other means (diplomatic or military).

(edit) And, after thinking about it, this was by far the most memorable sector I've ever played ...and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Tyrax Lightning
09-13-2013, 06:18 PM
I honestly seriously think the Drox High Command has completely lost its mind & is only just dedicating itself to trying like hell to force you to lose no matter what it takes... Is that really anyway to treat its Operatives that work hard to line the Drox High Command's pockets with lots & lots of cash!? :mad:

09-17-2013, 07:36 AM
"The universe is a harsh and unforgiving place. We are here to remind you of this fact."
-The Drox High Command


09-19-2013, 05:21 PM
BTW, this (above) was the third sector with this ship. I lost both of the other 2 sectors with Heavy Drox Involvement primarily because I had no money. This was especially true in the first sector (I was broke and so were all of the races), and I was not able to afford to spread positive rumors to get two races to like each other enough to ally. I barely got them to a Non-aggression Pact before I ran out of funds. I was unable to sell loot because the races were broke.

I believe Shadow will be adjusting some Drox Quests so that they will not appear until your ship reaches some higher level or money amount.