View Full Version : some suggestions for marine and dryad

09-21-2013, 07:19 PM
marine are quite fun to use at start but later difficulty they become less usefull, has ennemy structure raise the marines can only board only a few ship before you need fix them.

so some idea for we can still use them :

1- increase they damage output at later level, like a bonus to each 25 level they have.

2- Dryad special buy ability increase crew durability has Dryad have biological play background increasing crew durability will be ok

3- or reduce the dmg they take while boarding ship who are bit highter lv that the marine, bc just 1 lv highter that marine hurt them a lot while boarding.

Crews suggestions :

1- Dryad sell a reroll crew skill/stats, has lower lv crew is offen discard has they base bonus is lower that those we find at highter lv.

2-Maybe add chip slot for crew, Dryad may sell that option to roll, and add chip drop for crew only.