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09-27-2013, 03:41 AM
first of all, I do hope radioonfire doesn't mine me ransacking his code to get an idea how this might be made to work. all credit goes to him for his clone race mod, and being able to see what he did will hopefully save me some time as I work on this.

I rather like the subraces, particularly the idea behind them. they are more powerful than their base race for one reason or another, and so they are cast out. I'd like to extend that idea to playable subraces and I'll discuss more about my plans for their power level in a moment. to balance this I will be trying to figure out a way to make these races unlockable rather than just playable from the moment you install the mod. I don't really like mods that grant you extra power that you don't have to work for, excepting cases where balance may have been shortsightedly or awkwardly constructed in the first place (I'm a fan of the 8 crew points mod, as well as the balanced command mod, for example).

so the base races all follow one of a few common templates. they all have 5 points worth of stat bonuses, and 50% worth of enhanced effectiveness in those same stats. some races put all 5 into one, or split it 3 and 2. I will be following this general template with my subraces, except that all subraces will have 6 points worth of bonuses, 60% worth of corresponding stat enhancements, and will be split 5/1 or 3/2/1. the subraces will not retain existing stats of the parent race with an extra plus, but instead I will be adjusting the stats to match my perception of them. for example, AI will probably have +5 computers, with +1 tactical or engineering.

the base races all either have either a lone racial heavy, or a medium with a light slot, along with a racial crew slot. I will not be changing this in any way for my subraces. I want them to be slightly more powerful, but I don't want to completely eliminate the reason to ever play a base race. some of the slot combinations will likely be powerful for some builds, but I will never break the pattern and include more slots than the base races as this would likely be extremely broken.

for level up bonus items, I will be placing very heavy focus on subrace crew, as getting them in drops is prohibitive and I want to ensure that there is no shortage.

I'm pretty sure that's all I've thought out thus far. comments or questions would be appreciated, and I'll post a version once I get a demo worth playing around with completed.

09-27-2013, 05:12 AM
Sounds very interesting. The best part would be to choose the right items for each race. Here's a few ideas:

Brunt/Cortex Hybrids:
- a virus in a medium slot
- a computer boost in a light one

- EM weapon in a medium slot
- scavenger in a light slot

Brunt Barbarians:
- berserker component in a medium slot
- deadly aim in a light slot

09-30-2013, 01:17 AM
some updates, mostly in terms of concept.

unlocking: first of all, I'm exploring different ways in which these races might be unlocked. I'm currently thinking I'll monkey about with quests and see if there is a way I can set some persistent variable or hidden achievement on completion of that quest or quest chain, then have the UI parts of my code check that variable or achievement before actually displaying themselves and allowing you to select a given subrace. not sure yet how much latitude we have with free code in mods, but I'll likely discover soon enough if this part is workable or not.

monster races: I plan to have them on a 5 point standard, just like base races, however I will be attempting to make it so that the space monsters of that respective race do not attack you unless attacked first. they will also be much harder to unlock. if this idea doesn't pan out, I may just not include them at all, since they will be least interesting.

ancient monster races: these guys are going to be on a 7 point base, and I may create racial components specifically for some of them. They will be the hardest to unlock, though I haven't decided precisely what sort of quest or achievement might merit being able to play them. I think I may require that whatever it is be accomplished by a subrace character, meaning you need to unlock and play a normal subrace before you can even attempt to unlock any ancient races.

racial slots: tuidjy - thank you for the suggestions. I will probably go with those or something very similar. for the barbarians, I may alter the light component, as I'm pretty sure that deadly aim counts as a computer active boost. that might still work given the theme, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

release: I'll probably release a version once I get the subraces working generally the way I want them to, and once I have completed all the subraces which appear in the second challenge sector. if I can get an unlocking mechanism working by them, I'll include it in abbreviated form. the full unlocking mechanism will require that you help the race rebel in the first place, thus making that challenge sector not an easy way to unlock those races in the final version (though still a handy way to get subrace crew).

as always, comments and suggestions welcome.

10-31-2013, 12:47 AM
looks like this mod as previously described is no longer needed, as the common subraces are now part of the base game. I have to say that I'm both pleased that this feature was included but a little disappointed that I wasn't the one that got to contribute it. I'm going to continue the mod for the ancient races, and I plan to create at least one entirely new component for each race.

10-31-2013, 01:58 AM
+ monster races please. That's going to be fun.