View Full Version : Minor achievement "bug" and suggestion

10-03-2013, 08:59 PM
Suggestion: For the achievements that are ship-specific (most of a single stat, attack/defense values, ship worth, kill/death ratios, most damage done at once), it'd be cool if it also displayed that ship's name. It appears to internally track which ship it was that did it so it might be relatively straightforward. For "ties" it should display the first ship to get that high.

"Bug": This is obviously minor, but figured I'd throw it out there. Now that you can retrain crew points, you can end up with the "200 base [stat]" achievements showing that your highest ship has less than 200. Would it be possible to save the highest value and display that, even if that ship retrains and ends up at a lower value (or drops Structure down due to death in semi-hardcore)?

(Currently, if I have 150 base Tactical and decide to train 50 more points into it for the achievement, then retrain those 50 points back out of it, it currently says that I have the achievement but my highest ship only has 150 Tactical, which is confusing.)