View Full Version : Races do not colonize planets[CHAOS]

10-06-2013, 07:29 AM
I am playing Drox Operative not long time ago but I got the main thing in it and i'm already lvl 73.
I am playing at max difficulty(that I can have) and finishing Drox Task(Taking control\be respected) will give me a good reward because Sector LVL is HIGHER than my lvl.
I started game with developed 10 races on small sector.
I just taken a race - Human - to be protected, made it go war with anyone else and I bombed planets. But the thing is that Humans(Which have 'EXPANSION') are constantly being attacked by monsters and MONSTERS destroy planets. Now I have only LEGION and Human alive. Looking for legion last planet - can't find. And during the search I found that Humans have only 1 planets. I tried to protect them in order to make their colony ships successfully colonize it. But the thing is.... That they don't colonize any planets. They don't expand....
Why?(They have 11 ships!)