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10-15-2013, 09:53 PM
I just helped the Scavengers and the Lithosoids exterminate the Zarlok from the level 30 challenge sector. I have to say, the Ancient are really worth their reputation, now.

My ship was a level 27/32 (starting/ending) Command Zero Drakk, with a stealth cloak, a virus and some fighters. I got a relatively easy legend victory by killing Talon and Overlord, and allying with the Scavengers and the Lithosoids. The Shadows died due to Guild HQ meddling.

So, at the time of my winning the sector, the Scavengers had 15 planets, Lithosoids had 4, and the Zarlok 6. The Lithosoids had been at 8, but the Zarlok had been reducing them for a while. So I decided to bring the Scavengers in, and finish the Zarlock. The sector was a line, with the Zarlok in the middle and the Scavengers and Lithosoid at both ends.

I doubt anyone cares for a blow by blow recounting, but I will give you the highlights. First I was trying to respond to Zarlok attacks to allied planets. It was a stalemate. Then I went and destroyed the lightly defended Zarlok planets, leaving just two. While I was doing that, the Scavengers went down to 11 planets, and the Lithosoid to 2. I cleared the Zarlok who were attacking the Lithoisoid, and led the Lithosoid orphaned ships to a successful attack on the next-to-last Zarlok planet. At this point, the Zarlok had 1 planet and 22 ships, the Scavengers over 40 ships, and the Lithosoid about a dozen.

I followed 5 Lithosoid ships to the last Zarlok planet. The elite guard pretty much annihilated the Lithosoid, while the orphaned Zarlok ships attacked both my allies. I went to help the Lithosoids, who were down to two planets... by the time I had helped them kill the dozen attacking ships, the Zarlok were down to 14 ships, and the Scavengers down to 8 planets. Three of the Zarlok ships were at the last planet, with the remaining 11 ships picking off Scavenger planets. I tried to kill off the 3 ships with Lithosoid help. I just could not kill them fast enough, and by the time I was left by myself, the Zarlok had two ships guarding the planet, and 8 in Scavenger space. The Scavengers were down to 3 planets and a dozen ships.

I went and hunted the Zarlok ships killing Scavenger planets, and by the time I was done, the Lithosoids were up to 4 planets, but started screaming for help. I went to see what was going on, and I saw 6 Zarlok ships beating the Hell out of Lithosoid. I helped standing them off, when I saw that Scavenger was attacking the last Zarlok planet, and flew there, where 7 Scavenger ships and I barely destroyed the three defenders and the two ships that got build during the battle, before the Lithosoid's lost their last planet.

The fight took me 30,000 credits in consumables, about an hour according the log, and I cannot see how my allies could have won by themselves, despite their 3 to 1 advantage. Ancient are tough. Even once they were down to one planet, they were going to win the war, I think.

I have to say, playing with Command Zero ships is the way to go, because you feel less like a one man army, and more like a mercenary. The only way I could really make a difference was to see what the allies are going, and assist them.

10-16-2013, 06:07 AM
The Zarlok are thriving in my galaxy. I treat their presence in a sector as a challenge--I try to maintain 55 relations with them when possible even though it makes dealing with everybody else more difficult. Zarlok ships are tough to kill and I like having them on my side...or at least not actively trying to kill me. Of course, keeping Zarlok alive means there's no chance of a diplomatic or military victory so that's a little extra challenge as well.