View Full Version : How to stop monsters from destroying races?

11-05-2013, 12:17 PM
In the sector im in now none of the races can make any progress beyond two systems as they are constantly being beat by the randomly spawning monsters. Ive had two races wiped out already, one of whom I never even got to meet. Is there a way of preventing this from happening?

11-05-2013, 01:14 PM
Not really. You can minimize the chances of it happening, but sometimes things are just completely stacked against sentient races, and the best play with the best ship in the world will not save them.

Things you can do to give them a chance:

1. Solve all the quests they have, especially diseases that kill the population off, and Bosses/raids that create more problems.

2. Immediately take and complete colonization quests.

3. Do not spend any time in a system without constantly flying by every inhabited planet and wiping out any monsters.

4. Do not hang out in systems which immediately border inhabited systems. For some reason, when you do, the neighboring systems lose planets much quicker than when you are far away. My best guess is that more things happen in systems when they border your current system.

5. If you feel that you're having trouble keeping more than one race alive, concentrate on one, or you will lose them all.

6. If the system contains monsters with mines and AoE weapons, make sure that they do not hit planets while firing at your ship.

7. If a particularly nasty disease starts, and your experience tells you that the body parts needed to stop it are impossible to collect before it spreads, you may want to actually destroy the planet yourself, even if that involves declaring war on the race. Races are terrible at quarantining their plague pits.

Even if you do all of the above, and have a kick ass ship that can kill 99% of targets under a second, and can grab every enemy's attention with your AoE weapon, you will still lose friendly planets. Unfortunately, some quests are unsolvable, and sometimes, they lie about the system in which they can be solved.

You have to have a exit strategy - i.e. always keep in mind that you may have to switch your allegiance to a different race. If all the remaining races are Ancient, kill them ASAP. As a matter of fact, unless you feel very much in control, and want to milk the sector for every single credit, wipe out Monsters and Ancients as soon as you meet them.