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11-25-2010, 01:17 PM

I've noticed every high level, unusual vendor I come across always have an empty inventory.
It started with, IIRC, a Elite Daggersmith. Found him in the dungeon, got verry happy for my rogue, asked him from Trade only to notice he had nothing to sell ... :(
Then, in another town, I got a wandering Ring Vendor, another cendor type I had never seen -> nothing to sell.
And in my current town, I got a wandering Cape Vendor, and once again he had nothing to sell ...
For the ones in town, I tried coming back often, to see if their inventory would change, but nope, they never got anything to sell.
So, I seem to have this problem with every new, rare vendor type I encounter, which is annoying cause they also sounds like the best vendors >_<

I also wanted to know is seeing a spider instantly making 16 webs appear around itself is normal ... I keep on getting that, and it's very annoying. I can't even click the spider with all those webs around and the spiders' tiny clickbox, and rooms quickly fill.
I just got a room full with a 20x20 square of webs, so that's 400 webs, with just 6 spiders in a minute. Must be hard to get through a room like that with a slow weapon >_<.

Edit : Just got something else strange happening :eek:.
I was in a Lesser Armory in the dungeon when the town got attacked. I ran back, cleared the town, wandered around a minute, then got back to the Lesser Armory, and the door was back in place and locked. I bashed it, and the room was now a Treasure Room instead of an armory ! The armor and weapon racks I hadn't opened were gone, but there was silver chests in their place. ^^'
Edit2: Actually, everything reset (chests,rooms) when I go back into town in this dungeon, is that an hidden world modifier ? Fun one. :)

11-25-2010, 01:53 PM
There have been discussions in the past about beating up Bag Vendors, to encourage them to improve their inventory. ;)

For the spider webs, that was a recent change, with some discussion in the "Two Bugs" thread started by NTJedi.

Tar Palantir
11-25-2010, 05:11 PM
I encountered Jewel the jewel vendor with an empty shop, this was quite disappointing because i don't come across this vendor very frequently. But last time I did it was really worth it...

11-25-2010, 07:54 PM
Merchant inventory counts are random, and some of the more exotic vendors typically have three items or fewer. Bag, ring, jewelry, and cape vendors all count as exotic vendors, and your Elite Daggersmith isn't much better. On some occasions, a wandering vendor will appear in town and leave without ever getting any inventory. You'll have better luck with most of the other Elite Whateversmith vendors.

Merchant restock rates also vary widely by town. Some are around a minute, and others seem upwards of 20 minutes. Inconveniently enough, restock rate and stock quality usually vary directly. Either your money will pile up with nothing to spend it on, or you'll be constantly broke and still watching half the good stuff age out of inventory.

As to the inconveniently timed respawn of the level, that's random life in the big dunjon. Clear valuable rooms and take the lewt ASAP. That especially applies if you have a collection quest active for that level, which considerably speeds up the respawn. You can probably risk running back to town to pick up your magic-finding/money-finding gear.