View Full Version : Dark Eden

11-28-2010, 05:41 PM
It just occurred to me that while everyone here has listed a lot of good games, none of them were mmorpgs. I personally never liked them that much, but here and then i play a bit of dark eden. That game is friggin awesome. Basically like diablo 2 mixed with arcanums graphics in an even more brutal world. The pvp is fun too. There are almost no boundaries as long as you dont attack your own class. There are humans and vampires are in an all out war with humans on the verge of elimination. The christian church, in a desperate move turns to slayers. Slayers are a group of fanatically brutal vampire hunters that will destroy the world itself if it means they will be rid of vampires. The game is free to play almost completely, if you want to try out more expert features when you get to a high level you can pay $10 for a month membership. Even so, not a bad deal if you consider your characters can make it to lvl250. Talk about throwing away your free life :D