View Full Version : Green drops?

11-21-2013, 09:45 PM
I'm not certain if this is a well-known bug or not -- or even a bug at all -- since I'm relatively new to the series. But one thing I've noticed playing as a Scavanger is that in the mid and late game, I seem to completely lack any sort of green-only drops: not just socketed items, but arguably vital things like like cargo bays, chips, or crew members.

I suspect this might be somehow related to the high tweak drop rates (the ones that boost rarity) received from scavenger modules which push out the opportunity for green-only drops. Maybe more experienced players can confirm or deny these suspicions?

And if this is the case, is a solution being worked on? Like maybe exempting special items (crew members, cargo bays) from normal tweak drop rules? Or allowing the game to spawn rare/legendary versions of them?

If not the tweak drop rate, is something else I'm not considering causing these issues?

11-22-2013, 02:57 PM
I think that you have correctly identified the problem (lack of chips and crew at high levels) but I do not think that it's due to the rarity boosts that scavengers enjoy.

I have four level 100 ships, and only two are scavengers. The one with the highest play time is not, and I have seen the same problems with it. Some items types pretty much stop dropping at high levels. I have played multiple sectors in a row without seeing a single chip or crew drop, and I cannot remember EVER getting a specialist after sector level 10. If I were to blame it on anything it would be that at higher levels there are so many different items that can drop that the items that drop during the whole game are simply unlikely to make the roll.

That said, there is no problem with chips. Instead of hoping for drops, you can scavenge for them. This works perfectly for chips, but not for crew. If you want good crew, you have to either play a few sectors under level 10, and then level the new crew members, or nurture a Drakk sector and delay victory as you are solving Drakk racial quests.

Personally, I plan my crew needs, and simply hand around the first Challenge sector until I have all the Specialists and Marines that specific ship will ever need.