View Full Version : Possible to modify the lights that appear on the medium/heavy hull variants?

11-28-2013, 03:35 AM
Hi folks,

Does anyone know if it's possible to modify the lights that appear on the medium/heavy hulls for the player's ship?

In looking through the hulls.gdb, it seemed like the same .mdl file was used for each variant so i'm guessing the lights aren't a part of the model. And i don't see anything else there that seems to control them. Is there another file that controls them, somewhere?

I'd like to smooth out the hull progression (so you go light/med/heavy escort, light/med/heavy corvette, etc instead of the way it works now) but i'd need to change those lights to appear at different hull levels (1 - no lights, 2 - medium lights, 3 - heavy light, 4 - no lights, 5 - medium lights, 6 - heavy lights, and so on) or if that's not possible, just turn them off entirely.

Thanks! :)

12-02-2013, 03:26 PM
Yes, you can change these. In the appropriate mdl file for that ship you want to add or remove lines similar to this:

entry startEffect light1.eff tag_light1

I believe the medium and heavy light versions are usually named shipMedium.eff and shipHeavy.eff.