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12-20-2013, 06:16 AM
So i want to create mod that will provide something like this idea:

I love the idea of additional levels introduced on Diablo 3. I think Drox could use this idea.
How it works?
After reaching level 100, any experience gained goes towards seperate counter to increase paradon (or whatever the name is) levels (starting from level 1 to 100 or even more).
While game mechanics are not touched (player's ship is still calculated as level 100) each paradon level gives a small bonus. It can be +50 to structure, or +1 crew point, or + 3% magic find.

It just gives a pleasure of playing your maxed lvl 100 ship and feel a small, but still some, progress and additional joy.
Especiallt now when we have ultimate diffciculty level.

I think that addition would ruin game balance, and give some more fun playing our lvl 100 builds

I have following questions:

1) is it possible to create new custom counters/variables with mod(to calculate additional experience)? or are there any existing variables that could be used to count additional experience?
2) is it possible to mod game's behaviour when getting experience? so new counter (from question 1) would be raised (even with parrarel to base level - its fine)
3) optionally maybe exp rewards from quest can be moded to add to new counter?
4) is it possible to create quest or consumable item that would consume experience from custom counter and give in exchange i.e. +1 crew point?

5) is it possible to remove experience gap on level 100 (so player doesnt level up but collect experience?)
6) or maybe simply level cap can be removed or extended?

thanks in advance for help!

01-08-2014, 10:45 AM
Off hand I don't think most of that is possible through mods, although you could probably partially do #4.