View Full Version : Where should I take this ship next?

01-03-2014, 08:09 PM
So I attached my current ship, level 32. I'm sort of unsure where to go next as far as slots.

I'm mostly command. I intend to get a bit more and get one more of each slot I think. At that point I may hold off and start dumping into other stats at least for a while. Maybe super late game I will cortex those points back into command.

Note I am not really intending to do the whole "equip stats temporarily so I can mount gear, then remove it" thing. I know it's not cheating but it feels like cheating to me.

My weapons are interceptors/virus/pulsar. I used to run emp but the only emp weapons that drop (or scavenge) are single target and I was having trouble with large fights without a good AE weapon. The pulsar has been doing well for me so far. In most fights the virus keeps me quite safe. When I had the AE EMP I was VERY safe...I miss that.

I am thinking my next slots will be either a second armor or a second interceptors in red, some kind of computer in yellow, and a resistance item in green. I may then swap my green computer for another crew or more energy management.

Thermal resist seems great...most things seem to have lasers. Probably a atk/def computer or a atk/radar computer as cloaked enemies are annoying.

I've been toying with the idea of a cloaking device as well but I think I would need to swap out my interceptors for a big ballistic gun if I went that way.

Anyhow...long story long...what direction should I take this ship? I have grown markedly less effective since moving into the expert levels with this setup. I am interested to hear what sort of modifications I should do in order to get back on track.