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12-17-2010, 02:08 PM

It's a post-apocalyptic roguelike inspired by worlds like those of Dune, Gamma World, and Gene Wolfe's works. It is an open-world roguelike, heavily inspired by ADOM and Omega, providing a world map that combines static and procedurally generated locations with hand-written quests-lines. The world is deeply simulated; each monster is as "real" as the player -- they wield equipment, suffer all the same effects, and interact with the world in the same way as the player. Everything in the world -- creatures, items, walls, etc -- has a physical presence and can be destroyed, frozen, set on fire, etc. The whole world is contiguous, so if you want (and have the patience) you can go down a few levels and dig your way across the entire world. Though this physical simulation means that the game is fairly resource intensive for a roguelike.

We've tried to update the roguelike interface to be as modern as possible, providing user interfaces for conversation, trade, quests, and skills that should feel pretty modern, even though they are provided via a terminal interface. We provide the plethora of commands a roguelike player expects, but also provide a single "smart use" command (bound to 'Space' by default), that chooses the most "reasonable" thing to do in the square. So, for common interactions you can simply walk up to a door and hit 'Space' to open it, walk up to an NPC and hit 'Space' to talk to them, or walk up to a chest and hit 'Space' to loot it. Though if you want to run over to a pool of acid, fill up your canteen with it, and hurl it at a nearby enemy, all of the manual commands are available as well, and may be freely remapped.

We set out with a pretty ambitious feature set in mind, and while all of the content is not yet nearly complete, all of the core features are in place:

An expansive world map
Detailed descriptions for everything in the world
Lots of items
A modern quest system
Lots of skills
Build your own items
Trade with any NPC

The game is built in .NET 2.0, so you'll need to install the .NET framework in order to run it; and it'll be Windows-only (sorry Mac/Linux guys, but it'd have taken me many times longer to do a project of this scope in c++). The first main plot line beginning with Argyve is not yet complete to the end, but it goes quite far (as far as I know there's only been a single 'win' of the game in it's current form, and not for lack of trying), and it will be clear when you've reached the end. There's much left to add to the game, and all the feedback we get from this Beta will go into finish and polishing the final release.

Finally, when you run the game you'll notice you can purchase a registration key, though the unregistered version of the game is fully functional. Register if you'd like to help support us with this project and others like it.

We've spent a lot of time just making a game we ourselves would like to play, and we really hope you guys have fun with it!

Since folk around here certainly know how to enjoy a "lively" game world and myriad of character setups. :cool:

They will probably have Tile support somewhere down the line, but put some serious thought into the standard ASCII doings.

12-17-2010, 05:22 PM
Is this PC only?

12-17-2010, 05:41 PM
I'd strongly wager that to be the case. Windows at that on account of the .NET aspect unless some of the Linux folks get lucky via WINE or some other bag of tricks. They've got everything onsite needed to get things working for the supported platform.