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12-18-2010, 01:21 PM

Is there a console command for loading an item?

I'd like to load some items I'm tweaking, to see if I'm modding items correctly.

12-19-2010, 05:02 PM
I've found a half-decent workaround for testing items, even if there isn't a console command. From the readme I'm putting together.

Q: How do I load an item that I've created for testing purposes?
A: I can't find an in game way to load an item from a console command,
but here's the next best way I've found:
0) Before doing a lot of database modding, I suggest backing up your
characters. As long as you aren't modifying core files, you are
probably safe, but better safe than sorry.
I also recommend that when you are testing items with this
method to not load up any other characters while testChar.gdb
(see below) is located inside of your Assets/Database folder.
1) Make an Assets/Database/testChar.gdb file. Despite the extension,
this is just a blank text file. The name of the file is arbitrary,
you could name it "dog.gdb", but it needs to be located in the
Assets/Database/ directory.
2) Inside of the file, place the following:
// Used for testing items.

// Note that we are overriding the "Warrior" type character.
itemTester overrides ClassWarrior
// We need something to hold our items
// Remember the starting backpack only holds 16 items,
// if you need to test more at once, you may want to
// give your character more packs.
StartingItem Backpack

// For each item we want to see in game,
// add one StartingItem line.
// The name of the starting item must be the identifier
// name you have given to your item.
StartingItem ArchitemColdheartChamption
StartingItem ArchitemColdheartElite
StartingItem ArchitemColdheartLegend

// Give ourselves lots of money so we can walk over and
// identify any item, as non-common items start out unidentified.
StartingMoney 100000
3) The class we assign "itemTester" is important, in our case it
is the Warrior class. Log into Din's Curse and create a new
character that is, in our case, a Warrior.
4) Load up the starting city. As long as the items made are valid,
no matter the level required for the item, they should show up
as unidentified items in your character's inventory.
5) High level items can take a really long time to identify for
a level 0 character, hence the high starting money for our
itemTester. Walk over to a vendor in town and "Identify All".
6) Now here's the good part. If your items are acting weird, or
something doesn't seem right, quit Din's Curse and modify the
items in the gdb file directly. Save your changes and restart
Din's Curse -- note: it's important to quit/reload each time you
wish to change any .gdb files.
7) Reload your test character, and your item changes should be
visible without needing to create a new character. Since Din's
Curse is data driven, what you set in your item database files
affects all items in existence, immediately, when you load up the
8) With this method, the only time you will need to create new
characters to look at your items is when you wish to create
a whole new item: at that time, go back to your itemTester
and add, or reuse, a StartingItem parameter.

12-20-2010, 11:50 AM
That would work. The other way is to temporarily add something like
SpawnChance 55555.0
to your item database entry so that it has a really good chance to spawn the item in question whenever the game tries to spawn a random item.

12-20-2010, 12:40 PM
I like that option too.

Can you help me understand how the SpawnChance formula works on an individual item?

Is it some sort of direct formula where, for example let's say the great Din determines an artifact gets a chance to spawn, does a SpawnChance for an individual item mean that the item has equal chance of being spawned compared to all other items when the computerized DM rolls a d100?

(PS. I really do know that the mod is officially unsupported. I'll survive just fine if you're busy with our... ahem ... Christmas (???) beta release of the Expansion. ;) )

12-20-2010, 04:00 PM
SpawnChance is usually pretty relative. If you have only 2 items that can spawn and they both have SpawnChance of 1.0 then they essentially have a real spawn chance of 50% in that situation.

If you had 10 of them then the real chance would be 10%.

However if you had 1 item at SpawnChance 5.0 and 5 other items at SpawnChance 1.0 then the first would have a 50% real chance and the others would have 10% each.