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01-20-2014, 03:44 PM
We have another review of Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients over on TwoDashStash (http://twodashstash.com/2013/12/drox-operative-review/).

Score: 4.5/5

Quote: This was a game that received very little media attention and was developed by a small group of developers at Soldak Entertainment. I did not realize that I was about to play one of the best games to come out on the PC in the past 5 years."... Players will be hooked as they explore their galaxies, create alliances, make enemies, wage war, help planets, fight off space monsters, upgrade their ships, and much more. This game is incredible and will keep players interested for a very long time. ...This review does not do this game justice. The level of depth and richness in Drox Operative cannot be simply be described by words, it must experienced. It is an enjoyable masterpiece that delivers an experience that is unlike anything else on the market.