View Full Version : Changing Attribute Requirements

02-03-2014, 11:30 PM
I'm messing around with the game files a bit, and feeling that the computers skill just don't quite cut it compared to everything else.
Its actually REALLY lousy, especially if you use non-target attacks, where your "attack" skill, AFAIK, means nothing. (all the AoE attacks, the manual aim, etc.)

What I am looking for is changing Cloaking devices, and the various "debuff shots" (virus, freezer, EM weapons, etc. not sure just how many are out there) to be running off computers, and making computers grant a natural radar boost (small, like 1 per 1 advancement)
This is for making that stat MEAN anything, as it gives some sort of extra push in your detection, and more things run off it.

On the same note of requirements, many equipment types seem a bit TOO restricted to me, cloaking is a prime example.
I'm sure others except shadow/paranoia thought of the concept, at least pirates should have.

So basically-Where do I find the defining values for the equipment, how to add the radar modifier, and where can I edit the race limits for equipment.
A run-down of all weapons of that style would also be nice, don't want to miss any.

Also, if there is a way to block the whole "only need attribute to install" and make components not work if your attribute falls, that would be nice.
The whole "use crew to place equipment then take them off" method feels cheesy to me, and I do not like it. (nor the fact I need to forfully level up crew members rather then doing my own thing...)

On another note, I tried editing all speeds in the game, so movement speed is caps are all doubled (including tunring), but on the other hand every projectile speed is increased as well.
And in missiles specifically-made them super-fast, but turn even slower then usual, making them into a "you cant outrun it, but you can dodge it" kind of weapon.

Much recommended. less ideal "get there" time, and all fights got way more interesting, with all the dodging and maneuvering going around. and far less "you can never catch me" mobs, as I CAN catch them, if I invest in speed.
Plus, getting max speed is not happening by itself any more (seriously, 1 thruster grants max speed with ease on normal setting) and I actually spend slots for it, and racial thruster slot no longer feels wasted.

Though due to a laziness on my part, its not a mod file, but a direct edit of the 003, so if you want to have it, try tuning it all up yourselves.