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02-25-2014, 11:45 AM
I actually bought this game when it was in beta, and recently decided to give it a go again (trying to get a good space game fix). At the time when I purchased it I don't believe I ever quite made much past the level 20's (I guess I must have found some other interest).

I also recently picked up the Invasion of the Ancients pack, and I see quite a bit has changed...

So my question is:
Is there a good thread/guide on whats new in the Invasion of the Ancients?
The website/manual seems to be a bit vague, and I read threads about Engineers, Fringe Planets, Stations, and I get confused.

Also my main objective in ship building is I kind of want to build a "Carrier" type vessel, or maybe something similar to a Star Wars "Star Destroyer" type of ship (something that can use fighters/bombers since that is appealing to me)

I realize that might not be possible in this game, but, any tips/suggestions you have are appreciated. I am currently level 13 in a Drakk ship, but, I have no rhyme or reason where I am putting my skill points- and I have no plan. I'm just allocating them when I get a piece of gear I want to use (which I'm guessing since there is no respec, will get me in trouble eventually).

02-25-2014, 01:54 PM
There is respec, at Cortex planets, I believe.

An Engineer is a Specialist crew with the Engineering skill. As opposed to a common crew with a single skill, who can go up to less than 30, the Engineer can go up to 51.

A Fringe planet is a planet colonized by the Fringe race. They sell nice generators, and can reduce a component's energy consumption.

A station is a structure that a planet can build. Those provide either planetary bonuses (food, materials, etc), or military defenses (lasers, fighters, etc)